Easy Datorade Recipe + The Elephant in the Room

Easy Datorade Recipe

Hi and Welcome Back to Ria Lives Well!

Datorade (dateorade) with Coconut Water
 Well. This is embarrassing.

It has been almost one year since my last update. Eleven months, to be exact. More than anything, I’m welcoming myself back to Ria Lives Well.

Where do I begin?

I’ll start by explaining my absence. With a list.

1. The blog had become a project of which I had little passion for.
2. The blog wasn’t going in the direction I had anticipated; more importantly, prior to starting the blog, I didn’t map out a direction I wanted it to go!
3. My photography discouraged me. A lot.
4. I was too lazy and too busy to prepare healthy recipes.
5. I wasn’t living well.

Whole (pitted) California Dates. Mmmm.

So after nearly one year, why come back?

Last week, as I was searching for the recipe to my favorite blueberry smoothie, I saw that people had left a ton of comments on various recipes. Two reader favorites were the Everyday Vegan Bread recipe and the Vegan White Pizza with Roasted Tomatoes & Fresh Basil. The white sauce on this vegan pizza stole the show, like Neil Patrick Harris with How I Met Your Mother.

A few readers saw unique ways to tweak the coconut sauce, even turning it into a vegan Alfredo sauce! So clever, so yummy!

All of this made me remember why I began the blog in the first place: to inspire others to live a healthy, more considerate lifestyle. Even the cruelty-free beauty products I reviewed were receiving reader attention!

I guess it took me eleven months to realize that I don’t want to give up on a life well lived. And I don’t want to give up on documenting it, either. Instead, I want to redesign Ria Lives Well into a side project I can be proud of. Which may take a lot of time, some money and great effort. But…it may be worthwhile in the end.

To start things off slow, I decided to make a drink I’ve been meaning to try: datorade.

Chipped Nail Polish…Sexyyyy.


  1. 4-8 dates (pitted)

  2. 17 oz coconut water


Pour chilled coconut water into a blender. Add 4-8 frozen dates. Blend until smooth.

This easy  datorade was sweet, frothy, rich and filling. The first time I tried this recipe, I used eight dates. It turned out very sweet, a little too sweet. The second time I added six dates. The sweet levels dropped, and I found it more to my liking.

Dates in Yo Face and You Like it…Well, Your Body Does!

And if you don’t have coconut water, don’t worry. I have seen many datorade recipes that call for just dates and regular water.

Judging from the name, I assume this drink should replace your Power Aid, Vitamin Water, and your Muscle Milk: whatever store-bought enhancers you take to the gym with you. Trust me, a jug of homemade datorade will hit the spot.

I hope you guys enjoy this recipe. And please share your thoughts with me! I love reading comments (that aren’t SPAM!) and hearing all the ways you tweak these recipes. It encourages me, and so many times I’ve had lovely meals using my readers’ tweaked version!

If you do comment, please share a picture so I can post some of your creative recipes on my Instagram and give a special Thank You shout-out!

So before I sign off, I want to say that I will come back…sooner than eleven months…and with more vegan recipes!

BTW: I’m so glad I didn’t post this at the start of January. How cliche would that have been?

~Live Well!


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