September’s Crush: 4 Faves of September

September’s Crush: 3 Faves of September 

Hi and welcome back to Ria Lives Well! 

Am I the only one who feels like September went by in a blur? A crazy, confusing, Spanish-infused blur–for me at least.

In case you guys didn’t know…I’m currently living in Chillan, Chile and poorly documenting my experiences on my Chile blog.

October fourth marked one month that I’ve been here. As I cope with being in South America, often silenced by my inability to speak or understand the language, I look back on a few things that made my life more comfortable my first month in this crazy intimidating country.

Organic Aromatherapy Inhalers 

Cosmo Verde Aroma Therapy Inhalers

In order to release my current stress, pre-stress and backup stress, I sniff my Lavender Cosmo Verde Aromatherapy Inhaler for peace of mind; and here in Chile, I always find myself in a situation where I have to say: “You’re overreacting. Don’t take life so seriously. It shouldn’t be this stressful.” For example, last week I got lost one block away from my house–of course I didn’t realize I was a block from my house, but even if I were in another city, I shouldn’t have let my stress and fear cripple me that much.

“I’m lost. No one knows where I am. I don’t know where I am. I can’t find my way home. I won’t ever find my way home.” My mind whirled with these thoughts once every twenty seconds.

I would stop, ask someone for directions, and naturally the person would reply in Spanish. Rapid, Chilean Spanish. Even if I weren’t panicking, I wouldn’t have understood them. But in a brief moment of clarity, I took out my inhaler and had a whiff. My whirling thoughts simmered, my mind shifted into ease and I thought of a solution to my problem. I pulled out my phone and called one of the U.S. students who lived closest to me and asked him for directions to my house…embarrassing, sure: but problem solved.

Being in Chile has been a challenge I can’t put into words. Sometimes I don’t feel like myself, and there are countless moments where I search for my self confidence only to find a fragile, timid emotion in it’s place. It’s nothing fancy, but my Cosmo Verde aromatherapy inhaler provides relief when I need a wash of calm. It works, people. It really works.

Calicutts Curry Powder

I can’t believe I was thinking about leaving this in the states.

CaliCutts Curry Powder
CaliCutts Curry Powder. Does something taste so good that you feel euphoric when you eat it? 

I put this curry powder on everything. Well, everything come lunch and dinner time. When I’m sitting awkwardly at the dinner table, staring at my host family as they converse in Spanish, my discomfort goes by the wayside when I sprinkle a little curry powder on buttered hallullas {some of the best bread I’ve ever tasted}, a few slices of avocado and a little aji sauce.

I also sprinkle it on my rice, soups, salads, sandwiches, fried potatoes and soy meat. My host mom, who speaks no English, can now say Calicutts curry powder.

This right here is a perfect example of enjoying the little things in life.

Organic Cleansing Grains + Facial Astringent 

It’s crazy what lots of Chilean alcohol combined with a diet of fried foods and pastries {I’m going ham with the worst foods in Chile} can do to your skin. I keep telling myself: “I have to change my diet. And starting next week I will change my diet.”

Then I’d walk past a small shop selling pastries or a kiosk selling sopaipilla sandwiches: I’d stop, pull out a few pesos…and I’d go ham. The worst part is, the majority of the foods I indulge in look good but are paltry when compared to home-cooked goodies. Microwaved sopaipillas? Please.

I’ve lost my train of thought.

My skin isn’t enjoying my Chilean lifestyle. The first week and a half that I arrived, I spent most of my time with the other gringos {U.S. students who attend the same school as me here and in Oregon}, attending parties, meeting Chileans and trying to “keep up”. I have yet to figure out why “keeping up” entailed partying for ten nights straight, but that happened.

When I finally settled down, I unpacked my luggage–yep, ten days later–and realized that I had brought with me my Herbolution chamomile facial scrub and Brown Sugar Body Shop facial astringent.

I did a happy dance.

And that night, I scrubbed my face with Herbolution’s cleanser and followed up with Brown Sugar Shop’s toner, and it was like my skin improved over night! So if you have a natural skin care routine, stick with it. I use these two products every night in my nightly skin care routine, and not only does it improve my skin, but my spirits. It feels nice going to bed smelling good and feeling refreshed. 

So these are my four fave products of September.

A quick ode to September: You were a tough month to get through and I’m glad we’ve finally parted paths. I don’t miss you. But hey, what doesn’t kill you supposedly makes you stronger.

~Live Well!


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