Interview w/ Cosmo Verde: An Organic {Vegan Friendly} Beauty Line

Interview w/ Cosmo Verde: An Organic {Vegan Friendly} Beauty Line

Hi and welcome back to Ria Lives Well!

You may have noticed that I’m currently on a mad hunt for beauty lines that 1) do not ignore the “vegan minority” and 2) care about the environment, their ingredients and their customers.

I’ve found many businesses that promote such an agenda, and I feel it a crime {yes, a crime} not to share my “findings.” Such a company is Cosmo Verde. Esma, the shop owner, has a bounty of products that inspired me to write two articles on the benefits of:

1. Dry Shampooing


2. Dead Sea Mud Masks {for your hair and skin}.

Behind The Scenes: Cosmo Verde Displays their Handmade Soaps
Behind The Scenes: Cosmo Verde Displays their Handmade Soaps

When I asked Esma why she began Cosmo Verde, she told me where her passion from Cosmo Verde came from.

“I was diagnosed with cancer 17 years ago, and cancer and chemotherapy greatly damaged my hair and skin,” Esma said. “I was lucky to survive the illness but my skin was dry, flaky and itchy. My face skin was rough and had red spots.”

Her dermatologist diagnosed the problem as eczema and prescribed medication. It didn’t work. No matter what Esma tried, nothing worked.

“Because of that I went back to school [and] got a degree in Cosmetology,” Esma said.

Esma felt like her cosmetology degree wasn’t enough. As much as she had learned about skin and hair, she couldn’t fix her own skin problems. So she took another path with the hopes of finding her solution.

“One day I was shopping at the Health Food Store and saw an advertisement for skin care classes,” Esma said. “That moment, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for.”

Esma finished the classes and soon realized that the products she made was just the solution she needed.

“My skin and hair were improving,” Esma said. “I was able to help myself.”

Soon, word got around about her “healing” beauty products.

Organic Whipped Shea Butter made to protect, strengthen & revitalize hair and skin.

“My neighbor heard about my “skin story” and asked me if I can make something for her,” Esma said. “She had a diabetic wound on her leg and was in great pain. I made a salve and gave her my handmade soap to try. After one week she came to me and asked for more. She was so happy and said that after 2 years of her surgery her wound finally healed.”

Cayenne Muscle Rub–Organic Pain Reliever

So relieved to find a product that worked, Esma’s neighbor told her family and friends about Esma’s products. They were all suffering from problems that Esma’s products could potentially solve.

“People started calling and asking if I can make something for them too. Until then, I had no idea how many people had skin problems.”

So Esma continued to make healing soaps, salves, butters, balms and hair treatments.

She and her son were amazed at how many people came back for more of Esma’s products. With encouragement from her son, Esma began Cosmo Verde.

Esma may not have a favorite product in her beauty line, but she has a few favorite ingredients.

“I love and use all my products,” Esma said. “But I can tell you my favorite materials and ingredients: Shea butter, jojoba oil, Argan oil, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, lavender, sage and rosemary.”

She loves Shea because it’s a “superfood” for the skin and hair, which is why Shea butter will be found in many of her skin and hair formulas.  It helps fade scars, treat eczema and for the beauty junkies like myself, it’s great for moisturizing, strengthening and revitalizing brittle hair.

She loves Argan oil for a very specific reason: it’s anti-aging abilities.

“I like to use Argan oil especially in my face creams because it is anti-aging.”

Esma also uses Argan oil in her hair products, which is known as the “Golden Elixir” in many hair care forums for it’s ability to penetrate the hair shaft and repair damaged hair follicles. Argan oil is found in her Anti Itch Scalp Treatment, which I’ve used with great success. By massaging it into my scalp twice a week, my soars have healed, dandruff is gone and I’m itch-free…well, on most days.

So what’s your ailment? What part of your body do you want to enhance the natural and organic way? Check out Esma’s shop, Cosmo Verde today and you’ll be surprised to find what you’re looking for.

I’ll share with you why I love Cosmo Verde so much: first, Esma is a sweetheart and she’ll assist you with any of your skin or hair concerns. But also, for those who don’t want to spend a bundle on three different products, Esma’s products often treat multiple issues. The organic+vegan makeup remover above, made of oils and candelilla wax can also be used as a moisturizer for your skin!

~Live Well!


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