Behind the Scenes w/ Herbolution

Behind the Scenes w/ Herbolution

Herbolution Takes a Stand for Animals and the Environment

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Our generation is a conscientious generation. We ride bikes to school and work rather than drive cars and SUVs. We’re involved with the state of our environment and advocate for animal welfare.

But our choices in the beauty products we buy are still questionable. There’s proof that most commercial companies test on animals, yet it’s a thriving industry. Many vegans even shop at the Body Shop, a company owned by L’oreal {a company that tests on animals}.

We’re blinded by the fact that there are two faces within the beauty industry; the first, a beautiful woman with skin so flawless, it’s impractical. Luxurious hair that floats on air as she walks. In a sultry voice, she credits the well-known product for her unblemished skin and Disney princess hair.

But what about the second face? The caged animal used for chemical testing. The captive of our own vanity.

Herbolution’s popular muscle rub in “Jumbo Size”

Herbolution, a company that sells cruelty-free, natural and organic cosmetics is one solution to avoid money driven cosmetic industries. This simple shop is run by Sasha and Veronika, a family who moved to America from Ukraine 10 years ago.

“We are a loving family with our hearts growing the passion and love of Nature, herbs and an environmentally conscious lifestyle,” Veronika said. “We try to live consciously; respecting values and spreading the caring attitude to all who we meet.”

The inspiration for making Herbolution came from their passion for the planet.

“We are conscious about the current state of The Planet which directly effects our health and well-being,” the makers at Herbolution said.

Like most of us who care for the environment, Sasha and Veronika searched for healthy and natural personal care products. That’s when they came to a bleak conclusion.

“Many companies that try to take good care of their customers take very little care of the Earth, and visa verse,” the makers of Herbolution said. “So we decided to combine the two goods while accentuating really natural and chemical-free craftsmanship of our products.”

These products are also used for the enhancement of health and well-being, and of the body and soul.

Freshly made bath melts by Herbolution

Eco-friendly and organic ingredients are kept in mind before they make any product. They said the reason is because they respect life in all its forms. Sasha and Veronika said that they’re grateful for all that nature has provided, fed and protected them.

“For us, cultivating and practicing eco-friendly, organic and vegan values is integral to a healthy and peaceful lifestyle,” Veronika said. 

Their products offer natural solutions to many of the beauty problems we face, such as facial care. Their tips for a proper skin care regimen are designed for healthy, more radiant skin.

Herbolution’s Organic Facial Tips

1. Cleanse regularly with Cleansing Grains instead of soap.
2. Use herbal Toner – it will tighten your pores.
3. To moisturize dry feeling skin use a natural Cream or pure facial oil (Serum).
4. Twice a week use facial Mask for deep cleansing.
5. Once or twice a month use Facial Steam.
6. Try to eat healthy foods and sleep fully as to your body’s needs. Even with the best skin care regimen and superior products your skin will not be healthy if you eat junk food every day and sit in front of the computer/TV until 2 am and get up to work at 7 am.

Herbolution’s Organic Golden Purity Facial Serum is among their favorite products.

While they place care into every product they make, the makers at Herbolution said they admit they have a few favorites, such as their Golden Purity Serum.

“Both I and Sasha use it everyday,” Veronika said. “{We} love how simple and powerful it is. At the same time it performs for our skin.”

They also care about what their customers think, and have shared a few customer favorites, and their most popular products.

“We have quite few products that are very popular and customers continue to come again and again for them.”

Among these products are their facial grains, Green for Clean Toner and their Sweet Mud Facial mask.

Their Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask with honey is one of Herbolution’s most popular products

Suffice it to say, Herbolution is a company that cares.

Can it be said that we’re the problem? No, but we can become the solution. If we avoid companies like Revlon, Burt’s Bees and The Body Shop, and look to conscientious companies such as Herbolution; we’re supporting animals, the environment and our well-being.

~Live Well


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