Good Sleeping Habits: 5 Ways to Catch the Zzz’s

Theraputic Sleeping Habits: 5 Ways to Catch the Zzz’s

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Therapeutic sleeping habits for a good night sleep.
Therapeutic sleeping habits for a good night sleep.

Have you had nights where you lie awake, going crazier each minute that you can’t fall asleep? First you look at the clock and it’s midnight; then it’s 1:30 AM; you look again and it’s 3:15 AM. And right as you drift off to sleep, your alarm goes off. It’s time to start your day.

We’ve all been there. And as the day progresses, no amount of caffeine, energy drinks or vitamin B-12 drops will keep you alert. You need your sleep.

It may not be a chronic problem, but sleepless nights will impair your daily routine. You won’t concentrate properly. You’ll stare off into space rather than complete the task at hand. Your work becomes inefficient. On your drive home, you’ll stress over your lack of productivity. And as your head hits the pillow, another sleepless night ensues.

This routine has been my unwelcome amigo for the past several weeks.

This is why I’ve done a lot of research on good, therapeutic sleeping habits. It’s not just my problem–millions are effected by nights of unrest–but it’s a problem I want to be rid of.


Yoga stretch by adifansnet, Flickr
A simple yoga routine before bed will create a good night’s rest. Source: Flikr

You don’t have to be good at yoga to benefit from a yoga routine. I for one suck at yoga, but it calms my body and mind, which are two components for a restful sleep. I enjoy this simple Routine for a Deep Sleep with Tara Stiles. Yes, it works–even if you can’t do all of the poses correctly. It doesn’t always put me to sleep, but it puts me in a good state of mind; assurance that sleep is on it’s way.

Sleeping Spray

Lavender Sleep Spray by Love Your Body Essentials
Lavender Sleep Spray by Love Your Body Essentials

This is my favorite technique for calmer sleep. Don’t think it’s a crock that scents can change your mood! I once thought this until I did my research. Its been scientifically proven that certain smells can calm, energize, and even arouse your senses. Scientifically proven, people!

For beautiful slumber, I use a Lavender Linen Spray  by Love Your Body Essentials. I spray it on my pillow, mattress, sheets and lastly, my face. Don’t be afraid to spray it on your face; the ingredients {shown below}, are all natural so they won’t harm your skin. It leaves you soothed, yet refreshed-not to mention smelling good.

I also use it as a body spray. The scent is subtle, but so beautiful.

Now THESE are the ingredients I like to see in my cosmetic products.

I chose lavender because it calms the mind, body and spirit, but Love Your Body Essentials does offer sprays that are citrus and rosemary based to energize you.

Go For a Run Several Hours Before Bed 

Source: Flikr
Source: Flikr

I’m not one who’s interested in studies {although I don’t deny their validity}, but this study impressed me:

“One group exercised for two 20-minute sessions four times a week and the other did a 30-40 minute workout four times a week…

In a control group, participants didn’t exert themselves physically but only mentally…

Researchers say the participants who exercised reported that their sleep quality improved, raising their diagnosis from poor to good sleeper. They also reported fewer depressive symptoms, more vitality, and less sleepiness in the daytime.”

Aerobic exercises really, really help improve the quality of your sleep. Several hours before I go to bed, I do a short run with my roommate, and on these days I sleep better. Why? I like to break things down simply, so my answer is: my mind and body are just plain exhausted. Exercise makes you wary. ‘Nuff said.

DO NOT do aerobic exercises right before sleeping, because this will energize you.

Turn Your Room Into a Sleep Alcove 

This is my second favorite tip on the list. I once read that a cool, dark environment can “promote slumber”. You can achieve this by:

  1. Keeping the light off and wearing a sleep mask
  2. Adjusting the temperature to one most relaxing {between 60-75 deg. F is recommended}
  3. Wear ear plugs to keep out noise

You should also have comfortable pillows {many, in fact} and an equally comfortable mattress. Always think “Plush” when you’re in your bed. A clean environment will also put your mind at ease, so be tidy.

Do One Thing That Puts You at Ease 

wine 003
I’m a lush, which is why you see a glass of wine.

Make sure it’s therapeutic and promotes sleep. Enjoy a glass of wine with a movie. Take a long bath with Epsom salts. Read an enjoyable book. When your mind is at ease, and your thoughts are drawn away from the stress of the day, then you can catch the Zzzs quicker.

Now create a wind down routine-steps that promote good sleeping habits-such as the suggestions shown above. These habits will help you sleep so soundly, you’ll be mentally refreshed for another day.

~Live Well!


What helps you wind down?


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