Vegan Facial Cleansing Grains by Herbolution

Vegan Facial Cleansing Grains by Herbolution 

Hi and welcome back to Ria Lives Well!

Lately, my skin has been rebelling against me in a big way.

For whatever reason, I’m breaking out on my face more than my usual three pimples a month {it’s now three a week}, and my chest is a 1,000 word essay in braille. Houston, we have a skin problem.

I’ve been doing a lot of research as to why this is happening, and even more research on ways to prevent acne and other skin irritants.

Question: What does my skin need to stay clear, refreshed and healthy?

Answer: Aside from a healthy diet with plenty of water, our skin demands many beauty products to stay flawless and glowing, such as facial toners, masks, and that handy device, the facial brush.

But at the forefront of skin care should be a facial cleanser. Not just any facial cleanser does the job; always check the ingredients. Are they natural and recognizable? Ingredients you know and trust? I went well into the benefits of why we need facial cleansers in a separate article, so I won’t go into that today. Today is all about my new BFF:

Herbolution Facial Cleansing Grains with Chamomile and Calendula

Facial Cleansing Grains by Herbolution
Facial Cleansing Grains by Herbolution

I’ve been tweeting about this product relentlessly. Reason #1: it’s amazing. Reason #2: they’re grains! Never have I come across a grain based facial cleanser. So with my excitement, I rushed around my house showing my roommates the product, exclaiming:

They’re grains!

They're grains!
They’re grains!

They’re grains!

awesome 026Yeah. My roomies weren’t too pleased about that. Whatevs. They’re just jealous.

The Product

A safe skin cleanser with herbal grains that nourish and rejuvenates cells and tissues at the deepest level. Suitable even for the most delicate and sensitive skin. This exfoliant produces a pleasant, soft soapy feeling during cleansing. It is made with organic chamomile and calendula to soften skin and smooth small irritations. Ingredients include oatmeal, almond and baking soda to absorb and remove dirt and impurities. It’s gentle exfoliation removes dead skin cells to make your skin soft and renewed.


Calendula, a bright yellow flower, is a known herbal remedy that’s famous for it’s anti-inflammatory abilities on scars, eczema, burns, pimples, insect bites and other skin irritants. It’s moisturizing for dry, flaky skin.

RLW Review

Notice the words set in bold? That’s my way of adding GREAT emphasis to how soft and pleasant were these grains when applied to my face, neck and chest–to the point where I’d spend several minutes rubbing it into my skin! I can’t explain it, guys. It just felt so good. When you’re used to thick, cold facial cleansers, Herbolution’s facial grains is a nice reprieve.

But did the product work?

After using it for a week, my skin did clear up. The grains also act as a mild exfoliant, it did an amazing job of removing the surface layer of dead skin cells. A couple of reasons led me to this conclusion:

  1. When my pimples cleared, no dark marks were left in their place. The exfoliant properties removed the old skin and created healthy skin tissue that remained scar-free {exfoliation is the key to removing dark marks after blemishes}.
  2. My skin tone evened out.

A pimple happened to pop up a few days ago which both surprised and annoyed me. This goes to show that a good skin care routine requires more than a facial cleanser. By using facial cleansers, toners, masks and exfoliants, our skin receives the protection it needs.

How to Apply

The end result should be a thick paste.
The end result should be a thick paste.

After the initial excitement of me running around the house shouting, “They’re grains!!! They’re grains!!!” I stopped to consider the situation: “They’re grains. How do I use this?”

Veronika and Sasha at Herbolution were kind enough to send a picture and a tutorial.

To Apply:

“Pour just a little amount of grains into your well moistened, wet palm and add just a few drops of water to mix it into a paste and then spread over the face with fingers. The key is to make sure your palms are wet enough and your face is well moistened already before applying the grain paste. The paste should have a creamy consistency–do not add too much water.”

-Veronika at Herbolution

Let me add: you really don’t need a lot of water to create the paste. I used the amount shown in image three on wet palms, then sprinkled a bit more water from my fingertips. If the consistency is too watery, just add a little more to get the thickness shown above.

The Smell 

Organic Strawberry Face Scrub
Organic Strawberry Face Scrub

I have to mention the smell, because it was heavenly. You may be thinking: “Oh, it was well perfumed”, but that’s not the case: it was earthy and fresh! Herbolution’s facial cleanser smelled of nature and oatmeal.  They also sent two samples {strawberry and peppermint sage}.

I sampled the strawberry and sent the Peppermint and Sage over to Katie Hamre at Find Wholeness. Be on the lookout for her review if the Peppermint and Sage cleanser is right up your alley!

Peppermint and Sage Facial Cleanser
Peppermint and Sage Facial Cleanser

Trust Herbolution when they call it a facial breakfast.

After my first application, I immediately craved strawberry oatmeal cereal. The smell, coupled with how good it felt, made for a relaxing experience. You don’t get this from name brand, unnatural beauty products.

Herbolution cares about the environment
Herbolution cares about the environment

And finally, I have to give Herbolution credit for their compassion for Mother Nature. This eco friendly company is on a mission to keep you beautiful without harming the environment. You’ll find their cleansing grains beautifully packaged in a 1 0z glass jar {this company is minimizing its use of conventional plastic, for samples that are pictured earlier, they use biodegradable plastic bags } and a wooden cork to keep the content fresh.

Glass Bottle and a Wooden Cork Top
Glass Bottle and a Wooden Cork Top

If you’re looking to update your facial cleanser, I highly suggest turning to Herbolution. Stay beautiful, vegan and green!

~Live Well!

View Peta’s list for cruelty-free beauty companies and One Green Planet’s list of vegan, cruelty-free cosmetics


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