#Makeadifference: Adopt a Pet

#Makeadifference: Adopt a Pet 

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The greatest difference you can make in an animal’s life is to adopt one. Provide a home and show them the love they’re eager to show in kind. If you live near any of these shelters, then share this post; eventually, someone out there will either live near these shelters or know somebody who does. Spread the word, and these animals will find homes rather than be put down inhumanely.

This is Vienna.

If you live near the Central Missouri Humane Society, call 1-877-291-1524 to adopt Vienna.

She’s a four year old Dachshund who loves to play and give kisses. Like every animal, she also loves to be petted. For information on Vienna, please contact the Central Missouri Humane Society. You can also visit their website or give them a call.




Pasadena, California. Pasadena Humane Society. Phone number to adopt or inquire is 626-792-7151

This little guy is nameless, and is in urgent need of adoption. When we think of adopting pets, we often think about furry four legged critters. There are many animals in need of our care. I will be calling the Pasadena Humane Society to found out if the bird can be released after he receives attention. I urge others to make a call, as well. The number is 626-792-7151.

This two year old chow chow German Shep mix is named Talisman.

Talisman is at the Pinal County Animal Care & Control in Arizona. Please call: 520-509-3555

He’s the quintessential loyal pup who enjoys staying by your side. Talisman is quiet, confident and well trained. He is in urgent need of adoption, so if you or someone you know lives in Arizona, near Pinal County Animal Care and Control, give them a call today: 520-509-3555. Who doesn’t enjoy a gentle giant with a face as lovable as his?

Jade is a Shih Tzu who is also in need of urgent help.

Jade is at Orange County Animal Services in 2769 Conroy Rd, Orlando, Florida. She needs our help. The number is: 407-254-9150

She’s a tiny thing who is very desperate for a home. She’s a sweetheart that wants to be a loving adopter’s best friend. Like Adopt a Pet says, she needs our help to be seen and adopted. Jade is in Orlando Florida, at the Orange County Animal Services. Call and help: 407-254-9150.

Mano is a friendly pup with a huge problem: he’s currently in a gassing shelter.

Mano is ready for adoption. Please go by at the Vance County Animal Shelter in Henderson, North Carolina. Call to inquire at 252-492-3136.

He’s a chow chow with a small injury on his tail that’s currently being fixed. He’s a friendly, people loving pup. And just look at that face. He’ll make the perfect companion for walks in the park, jogs on the trail, drinking tea in the morning–pretty much anything. He’s at the Vance County Animal Sheter in Henderson, North Carolina. Phone number: 252-492-3136. 

I want to bring awareness to all of these animals as best as I can. If you do too, please share so others may help. Better yet, if you live nearby one of these shelters, make a difference and adopt a new pal.

Follow my Make a Difference board to find petitions, other pets in need of adoption and healthy pet recipes.

~Live Well


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