5 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Change

5 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Change 

Hi and welcome back to Ria Lives Well! 

So I’ve finally moved to Oregon, which is a huge cultural and geographic difference from South Florida. I’ll have to readjust myself to this new lifestyle before it hits me like a ton of fatal bricks.

1. Death 

2. Divorce 

3. Moving

4. Every…

5. Thing…

6. Else…

Now let’s get real for a minute: moving is among the three greatest stressors we endure, along with death and divorce. This is why we need to find coping methods to relieve the inevitable tension that builds in our shoulders, chest, stomach–all over!–that nonsense prevents us from performing our duties to the best of our ability.

After researching and asking around, I found out that what works for me to reduce stress, works for most people. And not only does it work for those who recently moved across the country, out of the country or perhaps just to another city–but for anyone dealing with the burdens of stress. So check it out. It just may help you along your way.

Do Something you Love

Anything you love. For me, I find myself at peace when I’m working out and reading. Since coming to Oregon, I headed straight to the library and checked out a ton of books that I 1) have been dying to read {Lisa See’s sequel to “Shanghai Girls”, “Dreams of Joy“}, as well as books I’ve read a million times and plan to read a million more {Steinbeck’s “East of Eden”}. I also took the coldest dip in my campus swimming pool and have kept up with my cardio and pilates workouts. Why? ‘Cus I love it and it makes me feel darn good!


This may not be for everyone, but it definitely should be. Hear me out; exploration leads to   seeing new things, coming across new adventures and most importantly, meeting new people! While I haven’t done much exploring here, except around the city {where I came to the realization that I practically live in the boonies}, snowboarding in Mt. Hood is calling my name! Guess what? I’ll be answering.

Okay. So I always hear that if you smile even when you’re not happy, you’ll trick your body into thinking you are happy. It’s like the “fake it ’til you make it” theory put in action. Well, that doesn’t work for me. I just feel like an idiot. But it works for so many other people, that I felt the need to include it. I’ve also found that when I am in a good mood, and there’s a smile on my face, I become more approachable. People think I’m smiling at them {I’m not}, and smile back. That puts me in a greater mood. So a smile can do no harm.

Create a Positive Morning 

I cannot tell you how important it is for me to start my morning off with something I love. For me, that’s coffee. Or any hot, tasty, highly caffeinated drink. It’s often the only thing that can pull me out of my warm bed and into the cold at 7:45 am. For some of you, this might be a light morning jog, or taking your bike cruiser along the beach. Maybe some morning yoga? I feel ya. A positive start to your day isn’t a guarantee to a great day. But it’ll give you a good start.

Create a Positive Night 

Hot shower, glass of red wine! Hot shower, glass of red wine! These are the only thoughts running through my mind after the end of a long day. Find a fool proof way of setting your mind at ease once school, work, or all the necessities are done and out of the way.

These are my fool proof ways {mostly} of relieving stress. Now that I’m in a slightly more stressful environment {away from my fam, in an unfamiliar state, going to school, yada yada yada} I implement them not only for a stress-free lifestyle, but for my sanity.

You’ve heard mine. Now what are your ways of relieving stress?

~Live Well!


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