#makeadifference Animal Welfare Petitions

#makeadifference Animal Welfare Petitions

Hi and welcome back!

I have always fought to help animals. I do this by offering my time, money and spreading the word to those who need to be informed. I admit this can be time consuming, and when I approach others to make a difference, I can only hope my message gets through to them.

#1 Excuse for not making a difference: TIME. “I would do it, but I just don’t have the time.”

My answer to them comes in the form of a petition. It literally takes 1/2 a minute to sign, yet the outcome is always tremendous.

I’ve scoured the web and below are links to just 5 petitions that I hope you guys will view and sign. For most of them, all you have to do is add your name and email address. That’s it; and today you can proudly say that you made a difference. And maybe tomorrow, you’ll do a little more.

1. Cody the Collier

Image by: ipetitions.com

A female collier was doused in flammable liquid and set on fire for no reason but sheer cruelty. This petition is to persecute the ones who did this, and show them that acts of cruelty don’t go unnoticed. Most importantly, unpunished. You can read her story on her FB page.

2. CCTV in Factory Farms

Image by: change.org

There have been reports of animal cruelty on factory farms by factory workers. CCTVs act as a deterrent, and as a means to punish those who commit the crimes. These workers will be monitored to stay in check to keep them from unnecessarily abusing these animals.

3. Stop Canada Goose Company From Using Coyote Fur

Fur lining is used by the Canada Goose Company because it “protects from the bitter cold better than faux fur”. As a result, they set traps in the wild to catch animals. These animals fight to free themselves from the trap, but in many cases, die a slow and painful death due to blood loss. Please sign; this petition needs many signatures.

4. End The Cruelties of Horse Slaughter

This prohibits the consumption of horses in the United States, and more importantly, the cruel practices of horse slaughtering. It keeps our horses from being trafficked to other countries and used for meat. It also keeps horse slaughter houses out of the country.

5. China: Close Down Tiger Farms

Image by: thepetitionsite.com

China may have signed international agreements to ban the trade of tiger parts, but a recent investigation shows that skins have been sold with state approval. These tigers most likely come from zoos and endure despicable forms of cruelty: starvation, abuse, isolation–and then death. China may not care what’s happening to these tigers, but we do.

One last mention: Mamasita & her 8 Puppies

Image by examiner.com

Mamasaita, a female pitbull, was recently burned by acid but survived and gave birth two eight beautiful puppies. Unfortunately, she and her puppies don’t have a chance unless a rescue group adopts them. They’re held in Humble, Texas where there is an inhumane law against adopting out pitbulls. Please spread the word of Mamasita and her eight puppies before it’s too late.

Injustices have been done or will be done to all of the animals above. You know how at the end of a movie, everything turns out well and the bad guys are punished for their crime, and the good guys get badges of honor? You ask yourself: “Why can’t real life be this way?”

It can. The criminals will be punished. The good guys will get recognized. And the animals will all find happy homes. It just takes a little effort on our parts.

Thank you for signing these petitions. It seems like a small act, but you’ve made a wonderful difference.

~Live Well!


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