15 Minute Morning Workout

15 Minute (or less) Morning Workout 

Hi and welcome back to Ria Lives Well!

Why is it so important to have a good morning?

Your morning, good or bad, creates the foundation of your day. I’m not saying that if you wake up feeling like crap, you’ll feel crappy all day; or if you wake up positive you’ll be the energizer bunny ’til sundown.

I am saying that the phrase “woke up on the wrong side of the bed” rings truth. Wake up on the right foot, and each step throughout your day will be the right step.

So here’s a morning workout routine that takes 15 minutes or less, and gets those happy juices flowing.


  • 10 regular crunches 
  • 10 reverse crunches (targeting your lower abs)
  • 10 Bicycle crunches (left elbow to your right now, right to your left)
  • 5 Double crunches (regular crunch + reverse crunch AT THE SAME TIME)
  • 2 roll ups (legs straight, arms straight & over your head; now roll up to a sitting position. Repeat)

Jumping Jacks or High Kicks 

Do 15 jumping jacks. Stop. Repeat. Do this five times.


Do 10 high kicks. Stop. Repeat. Do this five times.


Depending on your strength level, do both jumping jacks and high kicks.


10 push-ups!


Do 10 squats. Stop. Repeat.

Wooh! What a nice workout. I usually follow this up with a nice hamstring stretch, or a stretch of any body part that’s agrivated.

Now catch your breath and get ready for your day. 30-60 minutes after your 15 minute morning workout, treat yourself to a smoothie, flavored water, or a hot cup of tea-to-go; try the Kathy Patalsky inspired cranberry tea, or her version with goji berries! So good!

But wait!

Let me add this incredible article I found by Self magazine.

Basically, these 3 simple moves will lower anxiety and help you become more aware of your body before the day. Thus, becoming more in tune with the day’s activities. Waking up without these 3 easy moves is like a shock to our system–the system of the mind and body.

So check it out, it’s such a good read.

~Live Well!


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