Prevent Cruelty @ Ringling Brothers

Hi and welcome back!

Today’s post is short, but meaningful.  At least, this topic means a great deal to me.

By now, most people know about the cruelties that go on behind the circus curtains. Everyday, animals are being tortured for our amusement. We can make a difference by saying “No” to circuses like Ringling Brothers, and keep our money in our pockets. Why not save it up and take your family on a vacation instead?

The illustration below, from Peta, sheds a insight into the dark world of Ringling Brothers. It’s not so amusing after all. Least of all for the animals.

If you care, you can do something. Like the info-graphic says, you can get started at First, I urge you to watch the entire video imbedded in the front page. Do you see the unnecessary horror? Does it make any sense?

Next, you can make a donation. Even a small donation of $5 can make a tremendous difference.

You can spread the word. Your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube accounts and blogs gives you a voice and an audience that’s willing to listen.

You can sign a petition. You are not alone. People all over the world want to put a stop to this. With enough work, our compassion and hard work will pay off.

Finally, you can organize a protest in your area. Find a group of friends, family and even perfect strangers who want to make a difference. Create a speech, posters and flyers with a firm, but non agressive message. Now show your community what difference they can make, too.

These are simple, but effective steps in the right direction. If you do just one, you should be extremely proud of yourself. If you do all, well, I know a few four-legged friends who would hug if they could.


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